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International ________ Benchmark

Dholera, an Indian city, aims to be an international benchmark in urban development. With world-class infrastructure, sustainability practices, and economic growth, it sets new standards for other cities. Smart city initiatives, green practices, and industrial zones make Dholera a model for global urban transformation.

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Dholera boasts excellent connectivity, ensuring seamless accessibility. It features an international airport, seaport, and railway connectivity, linking it to major cities. The city's robust transportation network facilitates the movement of goods and people, supporting economic growth and making Dholera a well-connected hub for businesses and residents alike.

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Dholera Mega Projects

Dholera Mega Projects refer to large-scale initiatives in the city of Dholera, India. These projects encompass ambitious developments such as industrial zones, smart city infrastructure, residential and commercial spaces, transportation networks, and social infrastructure. They aim to transform Dholera into a vibrant, sustainable, and economically prosperous urban center, attracting investments and providing a high-quality living environment for its residents.

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#Dholera International Airport Drone view , Dholera Smart City India .

In this Video we provide you a Dholera #internationalairport Drone View by @dholeraawareness YouTube channel , Where more than 100 dumper work for land feeling and daily total 1700 dumper land filled in ground .

dholera city is a India’s first green field smart city in India .

Dholera International Airport is strategically located amongst the big cities of the state like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Anand, and Bhavnagar. The distance of Dholera International Airport from the activation area & ABCD building is 15 km.

Dholera International Airport Drone view , Dholera Smart City India .

Investment Commercial, Industrial & Residential, Agriculture/NA Land & Plots in Dholera SIR.

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